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Petrocam Composite Cylinder

If you are looking for a light weight and explosion free 12.5 gas cylinder in Nigeria, our composite gas cylinder that allows you to see your gas usage level is your best bet.

Petrocam Oil and Gas Trading introduces its new LPG product, the Petrocam composite cylinder. This innovative cylinder has a three-layered design that provides extra protection for users. The cylinder consists of a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, a composite layer of polymer-wrapped fiberglass, and a HDPE outer jacket. The Petrocam composite cylinder is a safe and reliable choice for your LPG needs.

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Advantage of Petrocam composite cylinders over Regular steel gas cylinders:

  • Weight: The weight of a Petrocam 12.5kg composite cylinder is less than half the weight steelgas cylinders.
  • Translucent Body: This unique design feature enables customers to accurately check the gas level. This help forestall the issue of running out of gas with without knowing associated with other gas types.
  • Rustproof: Our 12.5kg gas cylinder is completely rust-free.
  • High-level safety: They are safer to use being Explosion proof.

difference between composite cylinder and steel cylinder


Petrocam 12.5k Composite Gas Cylinder Basic Description

  • Brand:Petrocam
  • Pressure:Low
  • Material:Fiber glass, HDPE
  • Use:Liquid propane gas
  • Working Pressure:20Bar
  • Outer Diameter:321mm
  • Wall thickness:2.5mm
  • Water Capacity:30.5L
  • Length(without valve):680mm
  • Weight(without valve/cap):7.5KG
  • Applications: Cooking, Heating, Recreational


Frequently Asked Questions

A composite cylinder is an innovative type of Gas Cylinder designed with multiple layers of different materials to enhance its structural integrity and safety. A typical LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) composite cylinders consist of three layers:

Inner Liner: The innermost layer is made of a material like High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This layer serves as a barrier to contain the gas securely.

Composite Layer: This layer is a combination of materials, often involving polymer-wrapped fiberglass. The 12.5kg gas cylinder composite layer reinforces the cylinder, providing additional strength and better durability compared to regular gas cylinder.

Outer Jacket: The outermost layer is usually another layer of HDPE. This layer acts as an additional protective covering for the composite structure.

The use of multiple materials in the construction of composite cylinders aims to offer a balance of strength, lightweight design, and adequate resistance to rust. Compisite gas cylinder design helps improve safety by reducing the risk of gas leaks and ensuring the structural integrity of the cylinder.

No. The gas cylinder is only available in 12.5kg at the moment.

We have various pickup location in Lagos, Ogun Ibadan and some other location. You will have the option to choose your pickup location during checkout process.

Yes. We have special discount for those who want to buy in bulk

We are major manufacturer and distributor of composite gas cylinder in Nigeria. Our 12.5 kg gas cylinder is made my top global manufacturer.

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