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Petrocam Dot 3 Brake Fluid Original price was: ₦700.00.Current price is: ₦650.00.

Petrocam Dot 4 Brake Fluid

If you want your car to stop quickly and safely, you need Petrocam brake fluids. They are designed to work well in any brake system, from cars to tractors, and from regular brakes to anti-lock brake systems (ABS). They also protect your brake system from rust and wear by lubricating the parts and keeping the rubber seals and hoses in good condition. You can trust Petrocam brake fluids formulated in France and made in the UAE to give you the best performance and durability for your brakes.

  • Compatible with all metals and rubber seals
  • Extended fluid service life
  • Contains antioxidants, metal deactivators and corrosion inhibitors
  • Maintains pH in alkaline environment

Original price was: ₦700.00.Current price is: ₦650.00.

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More About Petrocam Brake Fluid

Petrocam Dot 4 Brake Fluid is a top-quality brake and clutch fluid made specifically for regular car brakes and clutch systems.

It’s a high-performance brake fluid that uses advanced technology (Super DOT 4) to keep a high boiling point and resist vaporization for a long time.

Using Petrocam Dot 4 Brake Fluid helps your brakes last longer by maintaining a high boiling point, protecting metal parts, and extending the fluid’s lifespan.

This brake fluid works well with all the common materials used in car braking systems, like metals and rubber seals. You can use it when you first fill your brakes or for maintenance later on.

Specification: J1703 and ISO 4925


It is suitable for all disc, drum, anti-skid ABS braking and electronic stability control systems used in standard to high performance vehicles with high thermal load around the braking system. It’s recommended for passenger cars, commercial road transport, off highway vehicles and tractors.


How often should I change my brake fuid?

Your car’s owner manual will generally indicate how often you need your brake fluid flushed and replaced. But in general, brake fluid replacement are recommended every 30,000 – 42,000 miles or two years.

Ultimately, how often you need to change your brake fluid depends on how you drive and brake. If you often encounter stop-and-go traffic, brake suddenly, or cover a lot of miles, you may find yourself needing brake fluid service sooner rather than later.


How do I tell if my Brake Fluid needs to be changed?

The following signs will let you know that it is time to consider changing your brake fluid:

Changes in brake pedal: If your brake pedal doesn’t feel the way it used to, it’s probably because your brake fluid is either low or needs to be replaced. You might notice that the brake pedal feels soft, loose, bouncy, or spongy when you press on it.

ABS light signal: If the ABS dashboard light comes on, it’s a signal to inspect your brake fluid and think about getting it replaced.

Ineffective braking: Your brakes should respond quickly and efficiently. If you’ve noticed a sudden change in how your brakes perform, and they’re not as quick and responsive as they should be, it’s time to get your vehicle’s brakes serviced. This sudden drop in performance could be due to low or dirty brake fluid.

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