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Petrocam Grease EP3

Petrocam Grease EP3 is a lithium-calcium thickened lubricating grease based on mineral oil. The grease contains additives. The product is a general multipurpose which can be used in various applications within given temperature limits Petrocam Grease EP2 is a quality multipurpose grease that can be used in both industrial and automotive applications. The grease is suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings.

  • Good mechanical stability
  • Good load-carrying capacity
  • Wide range of applications

Original price was: ₦27,000.00.Current price is: ₦17,000.00.

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Petrocam Lithium EP3 Grease is a high-performance grease that can handle high load conditions in various types of bearings. It has extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that protect the bearings from wear and tear. It is suitable for many industrial and automotive applications.

The EP3 grease is designed to provide excellent value by offering enhanced wear protection, a long lifespan, and improved system efficiency. It is specifically formulated as a low-noise, high-temperature, and heavy-load grease, making it suitable for extreme-temperature and contaminated conditions.

This product is designed to work well in both low and high temperature environments, which helps to prevent issues caused by excessive vibrations. It also resists corrosion and water wash out in wet conditions. It is a perfect product for applications that require long lubrication intervals.

Performance Level: EP-3

Benefit of Petrocam EP3 Grease

This product offers excellent all-round operating performance for various applications.

  • It has enhanced extreme pressure properties that can withstand heavy or shock loading conditions.
  • It also has resistance to water washout, which helps protect the equipment from damage.
  • It provides protection against rust and corrosion, which extends the service life of engines and industrial machines/equipment.

This product is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your grease lubrication needs.

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